Colossal Citadels is a hardcore strategy game with cooperative and competitive multiplayer, featuring turn-based factory building over procedural resource types. Every worker is a link in a huge chain of war and survival, each one capable of progressing individually and adding something unique to your victory.

As every artifact is unique, so are your creatures. Each one levels on it's own, with it's stats, skills, and stories. You may boost their growth in a certain direction, but they will fight and improve by themselves. Anyone can become a hero: even simple farmers, lumbers, and blacksmiths gradually master their arts, produce great masterpieces, and give you economic advantages.


Grow your network of settlements, incorporating new resource types and combining them into something even more powerful. Your every choice will shape your faction's strengths and appearances, and you should know your enemy to choose the best strategy. Dive into strategic depth in simultaneous turn combat with conditional and timed abilities. Control dozens of fighters of different classes without micromanaging every one, as easily as lone heroes.

Take turns, expanding your empire into an uncharted continent of The Infinite Ocean. Find a balance between exploring new resource types (from rare minerals to dragons themselves) and empowering old resources. Town building and battles are controlled through a super-simple interface with a lot of internal automation which minimizes the micromanagement.


Dive into strategic depth in tactical turn-based combat with conditional and timed abilities. Control dozens of fighters of different classes as easily as lone heroes; analyze and predict your odds in deterministic auto-battles that seamlessly run on the same world map where you build towns. Melee fights are controlled with movement entirely. You make macro decisions and watch how micro turns out.

Team up with your friends in main roguelike game mode, or skirmish with them in a competitive game mode. Turns are simultaneous, cancellable, and don't depend on player reaction speed: you can carefully plan your actions using built-in prediction mechanisms.

Construct citadels, raise economies, nurture heroes!


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