Changelog #50 - Metal

Another week of Colossal Citadels development, I did a lot of important bugfixing and finally gave attention to some very pleasant important feature, procedural resource visuals. It was well received in social networks (and of course, in r/procgen. Easy.) and I gained some new followers. I’m happy about it, because it’s one of fundamental features!

Haha, this week I’ll be playing a lot of NextFest demos, because I removed Colossal Citadels from it and won’t be as busy with it’s promotion. Now it will be possible to make it to the perfection for the next festival: there is a lot of essential stuff to do and playtest, especially the tutorial level. Unfortunately there was a little progress with implementation, but some progress with it’s design.

Another new thing is a quickly made trailer for some twitter event, see video above. It’s quite the same as the first trailer (the one on Steam), but it was very fun to make.

And here is the changelog:

  • working on tutorial level
  • common items get less effects
  • procedural ore overhaul
    • better rarities and chances
    • procedural visuals
    • ore name generator
    • ores now can be used not only for metal: some ores rarely can fit somewhere else (fuel, dark magic, etc)
  • operations with metal now require fuel
  • charcoal that can be made from wood
  • more popups are converted to new tooltip system
  • all people are 30% bigger now
  • healing is displayed on healthbars with green line
    • including next turn prediction
    • stamina and spirit now show some predictions on healthbars too
  • UI improvements
  • similar creatures animations are not synchronized now
  • demo now has 60 turns limit
  • wandering boars and deers drop some food now
  • more wandering beast types
  • improved invaders spawning algorithms
  • replaced demo maps (due to old generated effects)
  • more spells AI
  • new music track - “Dark Orb”. Plus one very cool progressive metal breakdown played with classical orchestra instruments.
  • a lot of bugfixes
    • minor damage effects (like poison) don’t trigger battle notification now
    • unwanted popups though interface elements are fixed
  • added new bugs