Colossal Citadels Press Kit


A fantasy strategy, featuring turn-based factory building over procedural resource types. Expand and optimize your network of towns, grow your heroes, and excel in deep tactical seamless auto-battler combat.

Miners, blacksmiths, mages, soldiers, etc. are literally links in the huge chain of war and survival, each one capable of progressing and adding their own effects to resources found in the world. For example, Dragonsteel combines and synergizes with Fire Crystals to produce Fire Swords, which are equipped by Fire Knights and so on.

Players take turns, balancing exploration of new resources and optimizing economy of old resources, expanding their settlements into huge citadels.


Strategy, 4X, Turn-Based Tactics, Roguelike, Factory-Building, Base-Building, Survival, Adventure Strategy, Resource Management


  • 4X roguelike with factory-building twist
  • Everything is a resource, from dragons and unicorns to elemental crystals and cactus wood
  • Each item/resource is made/combined by specific worker out of unique materials gathered by other concrete workers
  • Progression for every one of hundreds units you control, with inventories, stats and skills that are upgraded automaticaly or with your help
  • Minimalistic controls that reduce the need of micromanagement
  • Strategic and tactical depth in autobattles with tactical elements, featuring conditional and timed abilities
  • Cooperative and competitive multiplayer
  • Infinite replayability through procedural generation of worlds, resources, species, spells, and many other things.
  • Draw walls with cursor, turning them into colossal citadels!


Screenshots Archive, Transparent Logo, Trailer, Graphic Assets Archive (headers, capsules, etc.)